Total Number of Hostels: 06 (Four Boys and Two Girls)

*Men Hostel ** Women Hostel

Hostel Student capacity and the number of students accommodated:

Name of the BlocksNo. of RoomsStudents CapacityTotal Students Accommodated
Gangotri (Boys)216363
Bheema (Boys)100200168
Naramada (Boys)216363
Krishna (Boys)163232
Saraswati (Girls)2811279
Laxmi (Girls)74148116

Student amenities: Hostel, Health care, Canteen, Transport, Sports and games facilities:

Computer facility with net connectivity in HostelsYes
Adequacy of Hostel facility for girlsYes
Health CareYes
Transport facilityYes
Cultural, recreational and indoor and outdoor facilitiesYes
Mess facility in hostelsYes
Up-keep of the hostelsYes

Totally there are four boys and three girls hostels constructed with a built area of 7545sq.m available to accommodate 646 students. All the hostels are provided with a common reading room (news papers and study circle books), common TV halls and well floored and furnished mess. Both boys and girls hostel messes are provided with steel dining tables attached with chairs. Kitchens of both the messes are provided with a steam based cooking facilities to cook rice and pulses All the messes are provided with reverse osmosis water purification systems with water cooler and storage facilities for supply of good drinking water. UPS connections are provided to all the hostels to give uninterrupted power supply for effective reading of the students. Solar water heaters are fixed to all the hostel blocks for supply of hot water. One block in boy’s hostel and one in girl’s hostel are provided with a common computer hall with eight and three computers, respectively with internet facilities. One block of each boys and girls hostel has the well equipped indoor game hall and gymnasium. The college supports the dispensary amid district medical officer in the campus for the medical assistance of the students. Separate University vehicle has been kept standby 24 hours for the any medical emergency.

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