About the Library

The library plays a key role in the learning process for both students and staff. The college has a separate library building with a spacing of 1112 m2 carpet area. Sufficient space is provided in the ground floor (662.28 m2) to house office of the librarian, circulation counter, news paper section, computer lab, with the first floor (449.72 m2) is mainly provided for reading area with a sitting capacity of 120 students. The library is well ventilated and illuminated, with large windows and ventilators. The CCTV monitoring facility is made available at the library.  The library is kept open from 09.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and 09.00 a.m to 01.00 p.m on Saturday. Classrooms are provided as a reading hall after library hours with a security guard to monitor the students. The study circle is also established at the hostels and   newspaper and books are also made available in each study circle.

The number of books available is enough to meet the requirements of the students and staff. The library has access to online journals, databases and e-books made available via University Library, UAS, Dharwad and CeRA-J-Gate by ICAR. The library also provides off-campus access to electronic resources made available via university library i.e. users have facility to access these resources from their smart phones.   The library is provided with a heavy- duty photocopying machine to cater to the needs of both readers and office.

Total collection of Books/Journals/e-books/e-Journals/online Journals as on 31st March 2023:
CampusBooksJournalse-Bookse-Journals / Online Journals
Vijayapura188731978 (Bound Volumes)Access to e-journals and e-books available in CeRA J-Gate from the University Library, UAS, Dharwad.
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